wave of the future: the serial album



big happenings!

this compilation of photos by ian is from the last “basic tracks” recording session for the album. the session was at jim’s house in frogtown, calif., on 3/15/13, the ides of march. we really pulled out all the stops for this one. one of us even called in sick to work in order to record all day—we won’t tell you who, but we will say that his last name rhymes with “rasta.”

we are getting so anxious to share what we’ve been working on for what’s starting to amount to years. and as a result of that anxiousness, a decision has been made: the debut minor me album will be released serially, meaning the songs will be released into the ether one-by-one.

the first one is called “paint my days,” and release is imminent. we’re talking one or two weeks, tops. and once the first one drops, the rest will follow steadily.

just wait a few seconds longer. take a breath. have a beer. i think the world will be ripping open for us.



“we’ll do it live!”



hello heroes and villains, 

just wanted to let y’all know that work on the album is progressing. we got together the other day to put down some more live basic tracks at jason boles’ house (of tommy santee klaws fame). much love to jason for lending the space and his technical expertise to the project, and to delaine for taking pics! 


here’s the song titles we are recording—not sure yet which of these will actually end up on the album. and you never know when we might write a new song!

summer in springtime

a dud’s life

paint my days

sad man

dirty rat

smallest wing



high fidelity

passing out in a car on tuesday


surfin’ usa [2012]



we may have also recorded a cover song/video just for fun. stay tuned for that.



“starlet” is here


hello there,

so we finally finished and released out new single and music video! the song is called “starlet” and it’s about an actress you probably know about. if you want a hint, she’s in the new avengers movie.

the making of the recording and the video were really a true community effort. we recorded the song in december at juan lopez’s west covina studio, casa de lopez. i did some guitar overdubs from home, and a month or two later, after some mixing and mastering sessions, the recording was complete!

if you’re curious about my sonic inspiration, as we were mixing i gave juan three songs to loosely follow. check ’em out and see if you can hear any similarities:



the “starlet” video was conceived with the help of my talented friend joel gemino, and we shot it over several days in april and may. story shots were done in the arts colony in downtown pomona. much thanks to robert at zoinks records—he graciously let us shoot a key part of the video in his store. the very next day, with the help of photographer betsy winchell, jim and i shot some performance and atmosphere video in little tokyo. many thanks to higashi honganji buddhist temple for letting us shoot the band parts on-location at in their awesome garden.

finally (whew!), artist dale dreiling lent his talents by doing the cover art for the single.

this is all quite a general description of the production process for the video. it was a ton of work, but i think we all learned a lot and i was happy that the artistic community was able to contribute so much to one of our songs.

finally, i want to say thank you to delaine ureno for moral support (and more) during the process.

i hope you guys dig the video, and don’t forget that if you like the song, you can download it for free at our bandcamp.

’til next time …






so it’s been a looong time since we posted an update on minor me happenings. and since there’s a lot of stuff going on behind-the-scenes that you don’t see, it’s probably a good time to fill y’all in.

the past two months or so have been abuzz with activity. next week, on friday, may 18, we release our first-ever music video! it was shot with lots of help from our very good friends, and though we’re working in lo-fi, it’s something we think you’ll dig immensely. the video release coincides with the release of a new single called “starlet.” so check out our bandcamp and our youtube channel for all the good that day.

as we write, we’re in preparations to start recording for that ever-far-in-the-horizon album we’ve been talking about. originally we thought the album would come out last year, but since edgar was heavily involved in other projects, there just wasn’t enough time to get it together. but it will happen this year, before the world blows up on december 21, 2012. it will be the logical progression from the EP the pressure / the pleasure, but it will be larger in scope, sound, and artistry. please wish us good, groovy vibes as we start laying down the foundation.

finally, also next week, we’re playing a show that we’re especially excited about. on thursday, may 17, we are playing at the prospector in long beach, with the excellent bands american males and lazy mary. edgar went to school in long beach and lived there for a few years, so he’s excited about minor me’s debut in his old stomping ground. RSVP on the facebook invite by clicking on this:

amidst all of this, edgar has been trying to be more active in the SoCal DIY and poetry communities, so keep your eyes peeled in those scenes for something introspective, aggressive, weird, but catchy.


the pressure / the pleasure


hi friends and fans,

it’s been awhile so i thought it’d be a good time to write an update.

the big news is that a little batch of songs, in the form of an e.p. titled the pressure / the pleasure, is just about ready for release! this will be mostly a digital release through bandcamp, but there will be a short-run of cds for the few that still believe in the format. you’ll be able to download it FREE on saturday, 9/10/11, or buy a cd for cheap at a show.

the e.p. is an amendment to songs that go together, a move closer towards what minor me is all about. it’s punky, literate, vulnerable, occasionally ironic, but largely just an honest expression.

the e.p. was all recorded in one june day at cave country’s prohaus studios. it was actually super stressful, as early in the afternoon jim reynolds (the engineer at the session) called to tell me that the power had gone out at the studio. there had been so much prep work and band-member coordination up to that point that the news sent me into a mild panic. we had to do it that day!

luckily, about two hours after that original call the power came on and we all converged at the studio.

so what do i mean by “an honest expression”? at the heart of each song is a live, everybody-in-the-room-together performance, usually the first best take that just felt right. i then did no more than two vocal takes for each song, followed by a sweeter vox element contributed by kat von arx. the whole process was about capturing what minor me could do in the moment, without belaboring the point. sure, the lack of studio perfectionism means that there are some blemishes—you’ll hear the occasional out-of-tune vocal or flubbed note. but every track feels so good.

these new tunes make me look ahead—they’re really a preview of what’s to come on the debut full-length album. i’ve been writing songs and thinking about a full album so hard this year, and all the work that’s gone into the pressure / the pleasure and other projects (tall tales & the silver lining, the evan aproberts band, etc.) will really come to fruition in the full-length. it should arrive in 2012, but the pressure / the pleasure should satisfy for the time being.

i’m so proud of us for having pulled it off this way i wanted, so i hope the spirit of it comes through to you. 9/10/11!



first update!


hi friends and fans,

i just thought it’d be cool to start doing occasional updates on what the minor me project is up to.
this year has been very busy and harried since i have been playing bass in tall tales & the silver lining and also occasionally in the evan aproberts band. but somehow something’s been kicking me in the pants and i’ve been writing songs like crazy.

earlier this year we put out the first official minor me release, songs that go together. the thing about those songs is that they were all written in 2010 or earlier. one of them (“sad man with toy piano”) even dates as far back as 2008! obviously i liked that song a lot so that’s why it ended up on the e.p., but i did feel i spent a little too much time recording that batch of tunes. which is what brings me to the topic of writing a lot of songs right now. since nothing about songs that go together felt that new to me, i’m trying the radical approach of writing 25 tunes this year, paring that down to about 9, and recording them all in one big extravaganza to make an album. last night i finished demo number 8, so things are going strong. i’ve never felt so open creatively, and also so vulnerable. it’s super exciting and the plan is to have a full length album out late this year.

there’s only really been one live minor me show, in april at the dA center for the arts. we played with ema and the ghosts and the monolators, and they were both spectacular. i’m trying to book more shows so if you know of any openings, by all means let me know. 🙂

so there’s the album and booking shows. in more immediate news, in june kat von arx, evan aproberts, trevor beld-jimenez, and i will be going into the prohaus studio to cut a few tracks. consider them minor me singles, and a better representation of what i want this project to sound like. overall i want to keep things raw, minimalist, and lyrical. we’re gonna give (mostly) live tracking a shot (as a test-run for the album later this year). wish us luck, although we probably won’t need much of it—all those folks are uber-talented musicians.

signing off …